Silicone Sealants

We sell a wide variety of silicone sealnts and caulks. Silicone sealant is a highly flexible elastomeric caulk that expands and contracts with the temperature, ensuring that all movement stresses can be absorbed to keep the structure safe and strong. Silicone sealant is highly water resistant and is the top choice for weatherproofing windows and doors. Sikasil WS 290 is a low modulus neutral cure caulk used for exterior insulation finish systems. It is also a heat conductor and is often utlized in electrical and mechanical appliances. Lastly, it is completely see through, which makes it ideal for mirrors and other transparent jobs.Sikasil WS 295 FPS is an elastomeric caulk that is fully tintable. We sell the Sika color packs to tint this caulk. Whatever your silicone sealant needs, Norkan has the answer for you.

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