Steel Shot - 50# Bag - S280

  • Model: MET280-50
  • Shipping Weight: 51lbs


Steel Shot - 50 LB. Bag - S280 Grit


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Steel Shot - 50 LB. Bag - S280 Grit

Cast Steel Shot from Norkan Inc.

Our cast steel shot is manufactured to SAE J2175 specification
and is available in sizes ranging from S-170 through S-460.


• Unique bainite microstructure.
• Lower carbon and higher manganese chemical composition
results in a product that has longer life.
• Shot meets SAE hardness specifications as-cast and does not
require the additional tempering found with the Martensitic process.

By omitting this tempering process, our steel shot will be free
of micro cracks and will wear at a controlled rate while maintaining its
overall shape and it SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.