Cooling Vest - Banox Shell

  • Model: LAK00056
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  • Manufactured by: Lakeland

Banox Shell - Cooling Vest

Hazmat and other protective suits are designed for safet..

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Banox Shell - Cooling Vest

Hazmat and other protective suits are designed for safety but they are not necessarily created with comfort in mind. The materials employed to keep hazardous materials out usually keep body heat in. Keep cool with the Phase-change Cool Vest. The 580F (140C) heat absorption inserts battle a harsh micro-climate environment. The inserts are effective for two to three hours depending on the severity of the environment.

The vest works because of the Phase-Change Material, which is mechanically sealed in durable inserts. The Phase-Change Material consists of a proprietary blend of alkanes with unique thermal properties. It maintains a consistent cooling temperature during its slow transition from solid to liquid, which means extended cooling time for the wearer. The inserts are nontoxic and nonflammable and freeze after just 30 minutes in ice water or a refrigerator

The Cool Vest is available in Polycotton, flame-resistant Nomex® or Banox®, which is a flame-resistant cotton. The vest is lightweight, comfortable and washable. It has a zipper front closure and adjustable hook-and-loop straps on the shoulders and sides for a secure, comfortable fit. The vest comes complete with one set of cooling inserts. Additional cooling insert sets can be purchased separately to provide an uninterrupted body-cooling scenario. The vest is available in MIL or L/XL sizes. Polycotton vest is Beige, Nomex is Royal Blue with Black lettering, and Banox is Royal Blue with Tan lettering.

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