BW Manufacturing A-101 Pulse Vac, 1.5" hose

  • Model: BWMA-101
  • Shipping Weight: 115lbs
  • Manufactured by: BW Manufacturing


A-101, Pulse Vac, 120V 13.5 Amps, 1.5" hose

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A-101, Pulse Vac, 120V 13.5 Amps, 1.5" hose

Unlike other industrial vacuums, the A-101 Pulse-Vac is designed specifically for the removal of fine dust and powders without clogging. By using time tested proven technology of compressed air to pulse clean the filter (which has become the most efficient means of cleaning filters), the A-101 Pulse Vac is the only portable vacuum in the market to use a compressed air pulsation system to continually flush the dust and debris.

The A-101 Pulse Vac is perfect for clean up around job sites or as a dust collection system for your surface preparation equipment.

The Pulse Vac is designed with a lower center of balance to prevent tip over and a powder coated 16-gallon steel drum for easy dumping.

The A-101 Pulse Vac operates on a standard 110 volt 20 amp outlet.