Blue Bear / Franmar Chemical

We offer the full line of Franmar Blue Bear chemicals, including classics such as Bean E Doo, Soy Strip, and Soy Gel. Franmar Blue Bear has a commitment to environmentally safe products that work incredibly effectively. Their 500MR mastic remover, formerly called Bean E Doo, is an industry leader for adhesive removal that has been trusted for decades. Their 300RE and 300TL, formerly called Bean E Doo Asphalt Cleaner and Bean E Doo T Lube, are excellent at removing asphalt and preventing asphalt adhesion, respectively. Blue Bear 600GL is the reknown Soy Gel coatings remover that removes paint, urethane, acrylics, epoxy, enamels, and more with a simple solution that removes multiple layers of coatings with one application with their safe, no harsh fumes formula. Their 670AF, formerly called Soy Strip, is an antifouling paint remover designed specifically to remove marine coatings from boat hulls. Boat owners know that it is nearly impossible to remove heavy duty marine paint from boat hulls, but 670AF's specialized formula does this job quickly and easy, removing the need for sanding. Whatever your coatings, paint, or mastic removal need, Blue Bear has the product for you.